Organizing Team

Repair Café Newburyport is organized by the Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport and Toward Zero Waste Newburyport.

The organizers are:

Wendy Leavitt

Wendy L

As a member of The Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport, Wendy’s concern for the environment, strengths in project management, and her “MacGyver” abilities led her to engage in this zero waste effort.  She’s currently pursuing event planning opportunities in the greater North Shore area.

Elizabeth Marcus


Elizabeth is a resident of Newburyport and has been a member of the Time Trade Network since it began. She has attended Repair Cafés in Cambridge and Portland Maine and is excited to be introducing this model to the Newburyport area.

Beth Munro

RC web option 9.24.20Beth Munro became a founding member of the Time Trade Network when a neighbor introduced her to the organization.  That same neighbor also introduced Wendy Leavitt to the Network. Beth is now known to say “don’t walk your dog in our neighborhood unless you want to become involved in interesting things!”

Some time ago, Beth stumbled upon an article about Repair Cafés. She found the concept so fascinating, that she felt she needed to do SOMETHING with the information. After sharing it with Elizabeth Marcus, who she knew was involved in Transition Newburyport, and with Christin Walth, who she knew as a local Zero Waste guru, she thought, “Phew, now I can stop thinking about that.”  Ha!  Recycling has always been important to Beth.  As an undergrad at UNH, she helped to start the first Recycling Club – before it was in fashion! Today, she is amazed at how much more can be done via modern Zero Waste efforts.

As an Organizing Coach for Life & Home, Beth has seen a vast accumulation of goods in various states of disrepair.  She sees firsthand the frustration that those broken items bring. Beth hopes Repair Cafés can offer a cure for such clutter and become a way to prevent waste in and for the future.

Margaret Thomas

Margaret Thomas photo.jpgMargaret is a member of The Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport. After attending the first Newburyport Repair Café in the spring of 2018 she had to be a part. Margaret couples her strengths in organization and logistics with her interest in bettering the community for all and a love of volunteering to work for successful Repair Cafés

Christin Walth

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Christin Walth is an educator, explorer, and environmentalist with focus on Zero Waste. Walth has been living Toward Zero Waste since 2011 and always seeking ways to decrease her footprint.

After years of living in Sweden, Walth returned to the US and had repatriation shock regarding the amount of waste generated in US households. She went Zero Waste in January 2011 and has been perfecting the lifestyle ever since through Refusal/Reduction/Repair/Repurposing – and then involving her community to develop new waste diversion streams and incentives to help friends and neighbors. She is the founder and project manager for Toward Zero Waste Newburyport and started Toward Zero Waste Communities, advocating for, educating and implementing sustainable living practices for households and communities.

In her previous life, Christin spent most of her career at Microsoft EMEA, with project management and business development responsibility for 32 countries. After Microsoft, she served as an Executive in Residence at Emerson College and Tufts University, developing courses on consumerism, economics and waste prevention.