What kinds of things can I bring to the Repair Café?
Check out the list of repairs offered at our next Café here. Generally we can work on electronics, small appliances, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, and small wooden items.

Can I bring more than one item to be repaired?
You may bring up to 3 items to be repaired.

My lamp, mixer, etc. is broken. Can you mend it?
We’ll do our best, but there is no guarantee.

Do I have to register if I wish to visit the Repair Café?
No, just show up with your broken items.

Can I arrive anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM? Do I need to get there early to get in line?
The doors will open to Visitors at 10 AM and items will be accepted for repair until 1:30 PM.  The amount of time you will wait to see a Repairer will depend on how many Visitors are waiting for that type of repair. Generally, we have more than one Repairer working at each station.

How long will it take my item to be repaired?
The Repairer will assess your item to see the nature of the repair needed. The Café is geared toward minor repairs, generally taking less than 20 minutes. If the repair is more complex and time-consuming than that, you may be referred to outside resources.

I have a broken washing machine/armchair etc. that is too heavy to take to the Repair Café. Do you also make house calls?
We do not work on large, heavy items at the Repair Café. You may find that one of the Repairers at the Café is interested. or we can refer you to other resources.

How much does it cost to mend things at the Repair Café?
Repair services are free unless new parts/materials are needed, in which case there may be a small charge.

I can repair things/love organizing. Can I lend a hand at a Repair Café?
Sure! Just get in touch with us at RepairCafeNBPT@gmail.com or call 978-225-3440.

Do you also come and collect items?
No. Visitors are responsible for transporting their items to the Repair Café.

Can I donate (broken) items?
No. You are responsible for bringing and taking away your items.

For some repairs, components need to be replaced by spare parts. How do you solve that problem?
If we have the necessary parts on hand, you may be charged for them. If not, you may be able to find them at a local hardware store.

Is parking available at the Newburyport Community/Senior Center?
Ample parking is available at the Newburyport Community/Senior Center.

Can children attend the Repair Café?
We encourage children to attend, but they must be accompanied by an adult.